Epic Goat

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Epic Goat

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How long ago did you start playing TF2?:

Dec of 2007. So over 4 years ago.

What other games do you play?:

Like, I can't even list that, I have over 100 games for PC, umm, L4D2, GMod, Portal 2, and Skyrim right now. Pretty much anything Bethesda or Bioware. If you want a longer list include Stalker and Fear. I have played a lot of those.

Bioware huh? Were you pissed off at Mass Effect 3's ending?:

I have actually refused to play it so far XDDD. I heard enough to make me wait a while, but I WAS really looking forward to playing it, though. But yeah, I play RPGs more than anything.

What does your screen name mean?:

Oh no that is a question isn't it. So, when I was growing up, my we had a lot of animals, and included in that were some goats. They are like the most ornery, obnoxious, pain in the ass animals I knew of growing up. So naturally, I loved them. They are like my favorite animal. And the Epic was just for fun. So I can say I am pretty Epic, for a goat. You can say butt if ass is not kosher for the front page ;)

Have you ever played games competitively?:

Not professionally, just in local and campus tournaments, and then only console, and yes, I won my fair share. Crappy gift cards ftw.

What is your favorite thing about addiction to gaming?:

The regulars, hands down. It is the reason I stayed and the reason I keep coming back.

What ATG servers do you play on?:

Vanilla Zombie Fortress!!!!!! Perks and prophunt, once upon a time, but even then not much.

What are you most proud of about your TF2 career?:

do you mean like general things or specific events? I am afraid of being too corny here XDD. I am thinking getting good enough at spy to be Conan's partner in murder, because spy used to be my absolute worst class. before ATG, that is.

I have a hard time imagining you ever being a bad spy.

ikr, but it's true, I hardly played it, and was not good at it. Conan is still WAY better than me outside zf. I don't know about worst, I am a terrible scout too, but bad, nonetheless.

I don't know man, I've seen conan play spy outside of zf, revolvers are not her thing.

No but she does plenty fine with sappers and knives. We played the other night and she topped a board of 32 on payload as a spy. I could hardly keep up even running soldier or medic (my top scoring classes, normally)

What do you like most about our forums?:

There is a strong sense of community, you get the feeling people really know each other. I have not been involved heavily there, but I have been really encouraged by how responsive the zf crowd has been once I started posting there.

What are some suggestions that you could give to ATG to improve our community?:

I feel like ATG operates as kind of two different groups, the old badwater crowd in the main forums, and the zf crowd that has mostly not gotten involved on the forums. So I guess I would say trying to make those two groups overlap a bit more, since right now it is mostly just the very few admins that actually play on zf that are involved in both, with few exceptions. Each have a great community, but I think they could both benefit from each other more than they do. I think getting some of the new zf regulars involved in the main forums and meeting the established crowd would help that a lot, and bring the community together more.

What classes do you play on TF2, and what is your favorite?:

Oh man, that is tough, I play everything. My favorite is the spy now, but I play demo, soldier, pyro, and medic a lot too. Also heavy. I mostly just don't play engi much.

No love for scouts or snipers then?

Sniper used to be my most played class, I am actully better than you would think, given how much i play it, just not huntsman, and rifle is terrible on zf usually. Scout is only if i have to, so yeah, no love for scout.

Any last thoughts or comments before the interview is done?

Just that I love this place and the people I have met here. I never would have thought I would make actual friends and spend so much time here, but now I couldn't imagine leaving. It has been a blast, and I expect it will only get better. Oh hey, when you get back, I would like to add something to the end of my final comments, if possible. "And if you see me coming at you on zf as a spy, watch out, there is another spy behind you." Don't want to leave it on too friendly of a note, I do spend all day killing people, after all.
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Re: Epic Goat

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Re: Epic Goat

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Congrats goat! Well deserved!
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Re: Epic Goat

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Grats Goat, well deserved man!
no Brownie you are credit to team-Derp ♥
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