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What's your Real Name?

Serrabella: Raymond. Shock and horror for those who thought I was a girl.

What does your ingame name mean?

Serrabella: no idea actually it's my brother;s steam account so I'm not allowed to change it. But hey, he paid for it so i'm not complaining

Do you ever have issues playing when you want to because it's not your account? Does your brother also play TF2?

Serrabella: he did, before i hijacked steam :D luckily for me he got back into world of warcrack.

So does he play on our ATG servers when he DOES play?

Serrabella: nah, he likes the cock and balls servers: instant respawn, and too many addons.

So what's your favorite class(es) to play? What classes are you best at?

Serrabella: love heavy, medic, solly. I'm best at heavy and medic I guess. Especially when pairing with filius because we both know where each other will go.

What are you most proud of in your TF2 career?

Serrabella: killing wuss in a solly vs solly fight. Only happened once, will probably never happen again.

What're your favorite things about ATG? Who are some of your favorite people to play with?

Serrabella: Lots of good regulars and frequent scrambles so teams don't stay stacked for too long. I enjoy playing with filius (rampaging heavy medic time!), roadkill (yay, I get a tele behind enemy lines), lemoxe (buff banner buddy), wuss (showed me so many things about solly) and bio is always a good laugh, just to hear his moaning.

Alright, anything else you'd like to leave us with?

Serrabella: bio's mom! you can keep her.

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Re: Serrabella

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Congrats Serrabella!
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Pleasure interviewing you Serra.
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Re: Serrabella

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congrats man, lol you're not lying when you say you like heavy i always see you playing that, and you're really good with it
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Re: Serrabella

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serra as heavy
me as kritz medic

trolling top ridge and tunnel

many wonderful times were had
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Re: Serrabella

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Nice Serrabella. I hope your brother never wants his account back.
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Re: Serrabella

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Congrats Serrabella
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