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Hulk: How long ago did you start playing Video Games?
Managalar: In between 2nd and 3rd grade my mother purchased for me and my siblings an Atari 2600 from a garage sale in St. Joseph Missouri. We collected used Atari games from garage sales and we spent many hours in the basement with a 13inch black and white TV that my family purchased from a pawn shop in Leavenworth Kansas when I was in Kindergarten. I considered myself tech-savvy at the time, disassembling and reassembling various electric and battery devices, but I spent a long time trying to figure out how to activate the Atari 2600. The basic problem was that I thought the games were held internally, and that the black plastic docking port was simply a game stuck in too deep. After several failed attempts to pull out the ‘stuck’ cartridge I did manage to insert Combat into the receiving slot = genius. This was somewhere around 1988.

Now I have a kickass gaming rig that I built myself. I have an overclocked Core 2 duo running at 3.5Ghz with a Sapphire Radeon 5870 Vaport-X edtion.

Hulk: What other games do you play?

Managalar: There are many-many, including TF2, but I’m only active in a couple right now. Battlefield Bad Company 2 has replaced Battlefield 2142 for all of my FPS action needs. I also spend time with Eve Online – daily. In Eve-Online I have kept 3 accounts (15$ US/each) for many years, with Managalar being born January 5th 2004, and the other two starting in March 2004. It is possible that I will be interested in Dust 514 when it is released as it is an Eve tie-in FPS, but I don’t expect it to be delivered until next year.


There’s a picture of me, a muslim freedom fighter, and my little brother, Shane, now deceased.

Hulk: What does your screen name mean?

Managalar: One of my friends made up the exact name, and it fit Managalar Dioslayer quite well, as a Dark Elf wizard, I used mana points to mangle opponents with magical powers.

Hulk: Have you ever played games competitively?

Managalar: Not officially, I’ve been to a few lan parties, but I have not participated any sponsored competitive events.

Hulk: What is your favorite thing about Addiction to Gaming?

Managalar: Great community, good guys, expert – dedicated peers.

Hulk: What ATG players do you play with?

Managalar: Stephen, BioGhost, Crackers, goose, Mr Aaron, Timber Wolf, BoyButtSlapa, Hulk on Ice, and Pretendica (and others, but these guys mostly). I have the cubical next to Hulk and he invited me to ATG.
This is my favorite picture of Chris (Hulk) – he is thinner these days.
Hulk: What are you most proud of about your gaming career?

Managalar: The staggering number of hours that I have spent with Eve-Online.

Hulk: What do you like most about our forums?

Managalar: I actually enjoy recapping battle stories, and actually studying statistics that may give me an edge in Battlefield.

Hulk: What are some suggestions that you could give to ATG to improve our community?

Managalar: You guys have it together, I haven’t really found anything that I could point to as negative.

Hulk: What classes do you play on BFBC2, and what is your favorite?

Managalar: I really enjoy all the classes, but I guess I could say Engineer is my favorite. I use Medic frequently because I’m surrounded by n00bs who can stay alive 3 seconds and I want mobile meat shields.
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