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Our next player of the week is Derp, interviewed by Darkblaze.

Blaze: How long ago did you start playing TF2?
Derp: Summer of 2009

Blaze: What other games do you play?
Derp: I don't play other games

Blaze: What does your screen name mean?
Derp: Derp is a simple comment When an ignorant comment is said

Blaze: Have you ever played games competitively?
Derp: Yeahh.. not good enough for that.

Blaze: What is your favorite thing about addiction to gaming?
Derp:I love playing with the players, the chats. Hilarious. They seem better than most servers.

Blaze: What ATG servers do you play on?
Derp: ZF, Prophunt

Blaze: What are you most proud of about your TF2 career?
Derp: I've destroyed some lvl 3 sentries as a medic taunt killing 3 to 5 people at the beginning of a round

Blaze: What do you like most about our forums?
Derp: Reading the comments, and able to see who's in the server.

Blaze: What are some suggestions that you could give to ATG to improve our community?
Derp: More maps for ZF! Other than that great.

Blaze: What classes do you play on TF2, and what is your favorite?
Derp: I personally don't really care, I go whatever the team needs, But I do like medic.
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what a boss. i love you
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