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So, how long ago did you start playing TF2?
trying to figure out, used someone elses account for a bit really got into June 2008

What were your favorite classes when you started out playing?
Spy and Demo

What are you most proud of about your TF2 career?
Backstabbing Magus as spy heavy all the time

Lol, you seem sort of opiniontaed in-game. You talk about weapons and what Valve should not have done. Is there anything you'd like to touch on that? What do you think about some weapons?
Well i find that informed people tend to play better, I really just can't stand ingorance. Between that is tf2 being a team game and not a solo game that people playing for themselves just seems stupid

I see, so it's not just the weapons, but the player and how they use them?

So, what classes do you play now and what is your favorite?
Spy Demo and Medic and spy is still my favorite... I hate sentries

I think we can all account for that. Especially those mini-sentries.
lol worthless pieces of junk

What other games do you play?
l4d1-2, Civ and good ole DnD RPGs like Bauder's Gate and Dragon Age but before i used to play alot of UT, Quake, CS and SC

I see, being a Dragon Age fan myself, I must ask, what did you think of it? Would you recommend it to any of your friends?
Well i played it after everyone else, it is ok. Falls in the classic pitfalls of computer game RPGs. It plays well with a decent story arc but too easy to exploit the AI

Yes, that is true. And you have a Left 4 Dead 2 server, is that correct? Why did you want to start one?
lol well s0x paid for the l4d 1 server so i felt it was my turn to set up and pay for the l4d2 server. Anyone who plays l4d for any amount of time realises that their is too much health in VS and so we have a server to limit that and to control greifing

So, you have mods on your server? What kinds are they and what are some of the responses you've gotten from players?
Well Snare Talk to have fun talking to the people you are eating as a zombie, and then the spawning controller. That sets up that you get tanks every map with witches on as many maps as possible with the ability to remove all medpack def and any other item you choose and percentage based

Have you ever played games competitively?
yes UT I had some of the assualt records for team comps for a while in assault

Ah, pretty sweet. What was the competitive atmosphere like? Did you find your opponents easy or was it difficult?
some of both, i never was the best at the actaul skill part but i have found that i can out think 95 percent of opponets and beat them that way. But if it comes down to me snap headshotting an opponent i would at 30-70 with them winner. Competition is very hard at the top end and tons of pratice. It makes the game more work and less fun

Moving away from games, What does your screenname mean?
lol back when i was like 10 i played Command and Conquer, and i would run over players with apc rushes running off their "infentry" so so i picked the screen name roadkill and used it ever since

Yeah, I can understand that. What ATG sevrers do you play on?
Badwater, Badwater, Badwater

Great server, right? :) What do you like most about the ATG forums?
lol not sure about the forums don't troll forums that much but the community is great. Quality players on the server without crits which is a huge bonus. Like i had said before i don't tolerate ingnorace well

What are some suggestions that you could give to ATG to improve our commmunity?
not much you guys run a good friendly community with solid non-abusive admins and trying not to stack sides as best and the scrambler can. Really just have a few more admins on a lower pop times but that is really hard to do

Is there anything you'd like the readers to know about yourself?
i guess that when i am yelling and spouting things in game, is that i am trying to help even though i come off as a loud ass most of the time i assume

Haha, I don't think I've met a person who doesn't rage in-game. Of course nothing should be taken to heart, and so thank you for your time, Roadkill.
no problem tahko and all the atg on a great community
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Re: .:USUCK:.Roadkill

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Great Interview - I always wondered where the name "Roadkill" came from.
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Re: .:USUCK:.Roadkill

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nice interview
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Re: .:USUCK:.Roadkill

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ATG Bot wrote:good ole DnD RPGs like Bauder's Gate
RPGs like Bauder's Gate
Bauder's Gate
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Re: .:USUCK:.Roadkill

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Though i do think we should get a server without crits as badwater clearly isn't one atm.
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Re: .:USUCK:.Roadkill

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Avatar wrote:Though i do think we should get a server without crits as badwater clearly isn't one atm.
Is /votecrit working yet?
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