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How long ago did you start playing TF2?

I've been playing since August 2008.

What other games do you play?

WoW (even though it makes Mala sad), killing floor occasionally, and Quake.

What does your screen name mean/where's it from?

It was a WoW name, I just used a random name generator.

What classes do you play on TF2, and what is your favorite?

All of them except pyro spy and engineer because they are boring, favorite is a tie between scout and soldier

Have you ever played games competitively?

Yes, on 2 tf2 6v6 teams, old one was with Magus, Panic, Viper, Mala, Trogdor, and me and now with Hiro, Phoenix, Wuss, Mala, Trogdor and me. We will be playing in season 6 of CEVO.

What is your favorite thing about addiction to gaming?

Generally friendly players and headshotting n00bz.

What are you most proud of about your TF2 career?

Just clutching in general, like 4 scatter kills or double airshots in both the 6v6 environment and pubs.

Who is your favorite person to kill on ATG?

Bioghost and Pretendica, because one rages and the other giggles uncontrollably.

Who are your biggest gaming influences?

Biggest influence: Wuss (aka monster/BachelorChow)
Honorable mention: cinumbenu (oldy, possibly dead RIP)

What do you focus on most to improve your game?

Self-improvement was a really tough thing to crack for me. I took a lot of advice on how to control my aim. I got told i was doing stupid shit a few times and then I realized how stupid it was. But once I figured out how to practice (which to me means scrimming/playing ammomod while focusing on controlling/improving one factor of my play), I did really start to notice improvement.

what advice would you give players just starting in the competitive scene or looking to get started?

Pick your favorite class that isn't pyro, engineer, spy, sniper, or heavy then practice (improve aim on walkway/rocketshooting/airshot, rocketjump maps etc). Also, post on the commft forums that you are a new/weaker player looking for a team, and you'll eventually get picked up by a low team (in 6v6 there are team skill level vernacular rankings such as low mid and high). Also, do some lobbies at

Why do you play tf2?

I play tf2 because i enjoy pubbing and 6v6 matches and it has better pacing than any other fps I've played save quake. It also has good art and fun, unique classes. Also, valve cares about the game and community.

What's your computer setup?

Mouse: g500
Surface: goliathus speed alpha
Keyboard: some dell pos from 1990
Monitor: asus vw246 24" LCD
Headset: razer carcharias
Case: cooler master something from 10 years ago
Vid card: ATI 5870
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2GHz
RAM: 4 gigs DDR3 RAM

Aliens come to Earth and they tell you they fate of the planet and the human civilization rests in your hands. You have to play them in a 6on6 series but you get to pick the 5 players on your team and the maps to be played. If you lose they'll deathstar the planet. Who would the 5 players be?(Question by guest interviewer: Wuss)

bybben, seagull, relic, destro, ruwin, and mala backup.
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Re: Roland

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Who is your favorite person to kill on ATG?

Bioghost and Pretendica, because one rages and the other giggles uncontrollably.
I love Pretendica's laugh!
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Re: Roland

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Roland the pimp with the blimp.
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Re: Roland


Good interview. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
Image <---Thanks, Tahko!
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