Fluffy Harmless Kitten

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Fluffy Harmless Kitten

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What's your Ingame name? Fluffy Harmless Kitten

What does it mean? I tried to think of the most embarrassing thing to be killed by. I was "frail little girl" for a while.

How long have you been gaming? When did nintendo come out?

What ATG server/s do you admin on? I go wherever problems are.

What servers do you play on? Just badwater. Though I've been meaning to play some more Zombie Fortress and Prop Hunt.

Have you ever competitively gamed before? Yes. Used to play CS and Starcraft competitively. Oh, and I got signed up for a L4D2 tourney... Lol, what a train wreck.

What games do you play? Anything with zombies, tf2, starcraft, bioshock, CSS, BFBC2, BF2142, BF1942, Magic the gathering (yes, I'm that lame), poker, monopoly...etc. (pretty much everything).

Do you own any consoles? Yes, ps2 and 1, wii, sega, nintendo, gameboy... I was playing wild arms 3... got lost...

What's one thing you want all members to know about you? I love this community and everyone in it. DO NOT be afraid to add me on steam, DO NOT be afraid to contact me if you have a problem. I cradle my banhammer when I sleep at night and I love keeping our community free of idiots/hackers/jerks.

What do you enjoy most about ATG? As I said, the people make this place great. Any problem is solved quickly and there is almost always someone around to help. I learned to play TF2 here and didn't have anyone yelling at me because I didn't know what was going on, except Magus. "When the little bar is full, you keep the beam on me and right click! THAT'S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW!"

Anything else you want to share? Seriously, any problems, let me know.

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