Proper TF2 Server Growth and Etiquette

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Re: Proper TF2 Server Growth and Etiquette

Post by IM A COMPUTAH » September 27th, 2011, 10:23 pm

I also see we've only met $24.37 of the monthly quota for running the servers and time's running out. If you got some spare change throw them towards running the servers. I'm sure most people here have gotten their money's worth of playing time at ATG. ;)
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Re: Proper TF2 Server Growth and Etiquette

Post by lawliet » September 28th, 2011, 7:46 pm

I know I'm one of the lesser skilled players that come to ATG, but hey, I'm working on that. I have to agree though, we have some serious steamrolls that go on here that correspond with the baddies that join. To be honest, a lot of them are not only bad but also completely unaware of how to help their team get the advantage.

You have people who are playing on the ATG server not only because they enjoy the community, but because they are trying to get better(although I'm not trying to say that all the bad players fall into that category; I'm trying to point out that you won't get so annoyed with a few of them in time), so remember that the next time you feel exasperated because of new players that join and dampen the experience. In a while, you'll have a bigger pool of good players.
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Re: Proper TF2 Server Growth and Etiquette

Post by Random Chaos » November 9th, 2011, 12:34 am

I am noticing: Server dies during school year. It's busy in December between semesters. It's busy in the summer. It's dead while school is in session.

How about those of us, including me, who are well out of school try to get the server going at least occasionally? I've been playing another server since, except for one or two of the ATG crowd, never are playing TF2 anymore.

It's sad...
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Re: Proper TF2 Server Growth and Etiquette

Post by Molimo » November 9th, 2011, 7:19 am

Another thing is, Most of us have moved over to BF3 for now. I haven't played TF2 in 2 weeks.
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