Ethernet cables?

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Re: Ethernet cables?

Post by Newman »

Shouldn't make a difference speed wise if you aren't transferring stuff over the network.

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Re: Ethernet cables?

Post by madmattd »

Unless you have near-Gigabit speed internet coming into your house (and you don't), it won't really matter. Most of my cables are home-built (5E-compliant I believe), lol. And I actually get near-gigabit transfer speeds computer-to-computer within my place anyway (~100MB/s).
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Re: Ethernet cables?

Post by Murbuto »

Cat5e is usually the best for home use. It's max transfer rate will probably be way above any of your requirements, and it's pretty well shielded against signal noise. It's typically the cheapest as well, since it's the most popular on the market.
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