We've been playing too much I think...

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We've been playing too much I think...

Post by PRETENDICA » August 27th, 2010, 12:05 am


How does stopwatch mode work?
Stopwatch mode is used when playing Attack versus Defence maps such as pl_badwater, cp_dustbowl and plr_hightower. One team attacks first, their aim is to capture as many of the control points that they can. They also set a time that it took them to capture those points. For example, the attacking team might manage to capture 3 control points on cp_dustbowl in 7 minutes. The teams then swap over, with the other team having the chance to attack. They now have two ways of winning the round. If they manage to capture 3 control points in less than 7 minutes then they have won the round. They can also win by managing to capture more control points than their opponent (4 in this case). Please note that each team gets to attack once and defend once in a single stopwatch round.

We beat those guys. And it could have been over in 10 mins, lol.

Also, theres a new config for stopwatch maps. http://etf2l.org/etf2l_sp.cfg
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Re: We've been playing too much I think...

Post by Magus » August 27th, 2010, 9:58 am

That's Euro's for you. Saying "use stopwatch" when American stopwatch rules are different then theirs obv.
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Re: We've been playing too much I think...

Post by madmattd » August 27th, 2010, 9:59 am

Pre, you are right. The one round thing we knew, for some reason some of us (myself among others) thought it was best of 3 for ALL stopwatch maps. Nope. I quote:
1.3 Timelimit for 5CP maps, BO1 for most A/D and PL maps, BO3 for Gravelpit, BO5 for KOTH

A timelimit of 30 will be used for 5CP maps, after the time is up the team with the most captures wins. In payload and Attack/defense maps one full round (each team attacks once) will be played with stopwatch mode on. The exceptions are Gravelpit and Gorge where a best of three rounds will be played with stopwatch mode on. (See general rules – 4.3)
King Of The Hill is played in a Best Of 5 style. This means the first team to reach three round wins in total will be the winner of the map.

A detailed explanation about the gamemodes, stopwatch and win conditions can be found here

Note: Remember to use the stopwatch config or set mp_timelimit and mp_windifference to 0 for PL, KOTH and A/D maps

1.4 Winlimit for 5cp maps = Point difference of 5; mp_windifference off on other maps

If a team scores a 5 point difference lead on a 5CP map, the map ends and they have won that map.
To summarize, Payload maps are best of 1 round. Gravelpit and Gorge (is Gorge even in the rotation? I don't see it listed lol) ONLY are best of 3 (so Dustbowl is best of 1 as well I guess). This would be why the config kept ending the game after one A/D set and didn't do an ABBA (which you do still do for Gravelpit). KOTH is best of 5 (makes sense, those rounds are reasonably quick).

We played too long Saturday, and again on Wednesday. This is goodish news for Sunday where we have 3 maps, one of which is payload (Upward).
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Re: We've been playing too much I think...

Post by Newman » August 27th, 2010, 10:45 am

Well that is going to save us some time.
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Re: We've been playing too much I think...

Post by hulkvsspawn » August 27th, 2010, 3:56 pm

We beat their asses. We will continue to beat ass. Be warned team looking to see what atg is all about and is reading this post.
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