Official new patch notes

Zerg rush bish.
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Official new patch notes

Post by SirDumpling » September 21st, 2010, 8:01 pm ... atch-notes
Tanks nerfed. Thank god about that. Maybe now my 70 Hydra strat will work against competent players.
Reapers nerfed. Even though they've been seeing less and less action over the past week or two, they're still gay as fuck to deal with. Forces toss to make a fast stalker, and forces Zerg to make really fast speedlings/roaches.
Bunker nerf. Not really needed. Bunkers were rarely used. I would have rather seen a nerf to salvage than the build time. This does, however, make the "Terran teleporter" even less viable, not that it was viable to begin with.
Battlecruiser nerf. Nothing gamebreaking. BCs were hardly used in the first place, but they were quite good if they were gotten out fast enough with an scv or two repairing it.

Zealot build time nerfed. Pretty moot point IMO. Unless you're going some 2v2 double proxy zealot rushes or something like that, not that big of a hit.
Warp gate cooldown (For zealots only?) increased. Pretty big. Will make fast Void Rays or 2gate robo even more common now. Late game, reinforcements are going to come quite a bit slower.

Ultralisk damager nerf. LOL. True, Ultras are powerful, but the mineral cost + the amount of teching Zerg has to do is huge. Still, pretty gay.

Overall, not that much changed. Terran's bioball is still ridiculously strong, Zerg is still weak (only buffs were indirectly from the Tank and Reaper nerfs), and Protoss is still good, but not overpowered or underpowered.
What I'd like to see is a speed buff to Hydras when off creep. Right now, one basically has to fight on creep for hydras to even have a chance of catching up to anything.

And i am a random player. I'm not biased towards any race. I still hate the current shape of Terran for being so gay to play against, and so easy to play.
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Re: Official new patch notes

Post by Light Of Darkness » November 9th, 2010, 6:45 pm

The Terran Bunker teleporter trick has taken a dark turn.

If you have a circle of about 5-7 bunkers, then fill them with Marauders and spam D it's like the Marauders just got a +90000 attack speed upgrade.

The attack speed only applies to the individual units, not the Bunkers. Plus Marauders have a zero-attack animation (they attack instantly when they can, instead of playing an animation THEN doing damage like Collosi)
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