Area Portal help

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Area Portal help

Post by SanVich » April 17th, 2011, 4:42 pm

Hey guys, I've made a few maps, and let's be honest, they lag like crap, and this is because they have to render every single thing. So the solution to this is area portals(you stick them in doorways and stuff to seal off rooms), and what area portals do in a map is instead of rendering everything behind say a wall, you only render on your pc what you see through the area portal(usually in a doorway or window), and thus it improves framerates.

Now here's where I'm having problems: Some of my area portals work, while others will have "light leaks", and then all you will see through a doorway is the skybox (or no draw depending if your map doesnt have a whole skybox around it). I was wondering if anyone out there who has mapping experience, can give me some tips for creating working area portals, and please, don't refer me to the valve developer wiki for map making, I've looked over the area portal section, I've done what it says, it doesn't work for me :(
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Re: Area Portal help

Post by Lord Melchior » April 19th, 2011, 6:21 am

I'm at school right now so I can't check what mistakes you might've made in Source SDK.

In the mean time, watch this:
This guy is awesome.
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