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Sticky Dimpkins

Post by ATG Bot » May 31st, 2010, 12:03 pm

How long ago did you start playing TF2?: May 23 2009 on the pc version, Since it came out on the xbox verison
What other games do you play?: Any shooting game known to man. from gears of war to crysis.
What does your screen name mean?: well during around the time of when the chicago bulls came out a man on the team was named: Dickey Simpkins. I looked up a youtube vid on the guy and it turns out there are some vids oif him promoting the Chicago Bulls. My dad knew that this guy was one of the worst on the team during Jordan's time. So I was searching for a new name to replace my old one and my dad made fun of the guy by calling him none other than: Stickey Dimpkins.
Have you ever played games competitively?: definitely, i love to play the left 4 dead games very competitively, but so far i haven't really been playing competitively lately and I hear that ATG has a chicago server for Battlefield BC2 so i might pick that one up soon
What is your favorite thing about addiction to gaming?: Hmmm... I really have to say that the player's on ATG's servers are very nice and welcoming and the server's also provide a very decent ping than any other servers i have ever been on out there, period. Ever since I picked up TF2 I was looking for a decent server just to play on and have a lot of fun. so after a ton of failures in a few months time I found myself fitting in on ATG, and the rest is history.
What ATG servers do you play on?: Zombie Fortress, Prophunt
What are you most proud of about your TF2 career?: The time i have to say tat im most proud of during my entire tf2 career would have to be when i got 37 headshot's as the sniper on cliff in zombie fortress.
What do you like most about our forums?: I have not used the forums yet, but i do plan on using them, a lot of interesting conversations go on on there
What are some suggestions that you could give to ATG to improve our community?: hmm... t shirts, tournaments, and more servers for more games!
What classes do you play on TF2, and what is your favorite?: I like to play as the engineer, the demoman, and the sniper. Out of all of those classes i'd say that the snipoer is my favorite.

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