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Admin Tool

Post by goose » March 23rd, 2010, 10:50 am

Not sure which program we have if any but I came across this one.

PRoCon features:

* Multiple servers in the one window
* Sub-admins with individual privileges assigned to them
* Layer style network simply puts PRoCon between the bfbc2 server and any other rcon connections. It’s possible, but not supported, to have third-party rcon clients connected to a PRoCon layer and still have all privileges enforced.
* Players bannable on names, ip’s and pb guid’s
* Shows the countries players are from using Maxmind’s fan-dangled ip-to-country database. Data is also exposed to plugins.
* Plugins written and compiled at run time in C#. You can see how a plugin works and even edit them to do what you want!
o Included plugins:
+ In game admin
+ Welcome messages
+ Mixed Gamemodes (very experimental, try it out at your own risk)
+ In game basic info (It’s just a Hello World type class for developers)
* Localization for different languages.
o English and German included.
* Command style setup. You can enter commands in the console, configs and even send them to a connected layer to control that (with enough privileges). Support for punkbuster style tasks is also available. Setting up a spambot in Procon is very similar to setting one up in punkbuster, this just has the added benefit of supporting the games protocol.
* There’s a lot more but I suck at writing these things up. Have some screenshots and come back tomorrow to see this list expanded with a full features list =)

I was also reading that they have a way to set up a server to run punkbuster but have it turned off in the search options to help fill it and still keep cheaters out.
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