The Haunted (UT3 Mod)

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The Haunted (UT3 Mod)

Post by Stephen » October 3rd, 2009, 7:28 pm

Ive played this mod quiet a few times earlier this year, and they recently released a new update for it. It now comes with a self installer which is nice and a new map with bug fixes.

This game is similar to L4D but different you can pick up upgrades for you weapon. For example if you pick the upgrade when you have ur knife out you will receive a chainsaw, then again with the chainsaw you will receive an Auger, and finally a Glave with is bad ass.

Some maps have dynamic weather (similar to what l4d2 will have) when randomly the weather will change to a storm and lighting will start striking which will stun and hurt you or even kill you.

If anyone has UT3 download this and i will play with you, if enough people download it i will maybe look into installing a server for it.
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