Undead Labs, Class 3 and 4 *ZOMBIES*

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Undead Labs, Class 3 and 4 *ZOMBIES*

Post by Web Master » February 4th, 2011, 4:15 pm


Class 3 and Class 4

We've all played left for dead as well as other zombie games but they haven't filled our desire of actually experiencing what we want to do if a zombie apocalyspe ever occured. This game hasn't been released, but their goal is to provide a game where you live in such a situation and can cope with your surrounding as you see fit. Whether it be setting up larger defenses inside the sanctum for your fotress, where you can try to create your own supplies, or go out looking for them amongst the horde of zombies that plague the world. Don't worry though because you'll be able to play with friends as it's said to be an MMO for the.....360? Yep for the 360 ladies and gentlemen. If this game delivers on what they're working towards then we can surely expect a great game. Check the website to learn of more information regarding the game.
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